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Nov 11, 2023 By Triston Martin

Buying your home for the first time? It is a big undertaking and an important one because it signifies a new phase in your life. The transition can become more challenging due to expensive options and ever-increasing house costs. In these cases, you turn to a mortgage and try to find the best rates.

To alleviate this predicament, in this article, we share a few of the best mortgage lenders. These lenders cannot only give you great rates but also the lowest downpayment. Be sure to update your information about the current rate for home loan. You can choose what suits you if you do.

How to Find the Best Home Loan Lenders?

Let's go through some key tips first. Are you aware of the current rate for home loan? Do you know about the eligibility for different loans? You do need to understand not every scheme is the right one for you.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

Many government support funds can help you with making the downpayment. Based on your current financial situation and credit scores, you may even save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Federal or state agencies support most typical programs. In other cases, some credit unions or banks also give you a great deal at the current rate for home loan. This allows you to pay off your down payments. It also depends on the lender whether they help you with the total downpayment amount or not.

Boost Credit Score

It’s always good to have excellent credit scores to get better deals. Even though most of the best lenders on our list require a sub-600 credit score, which isn’t a big deal. So, clear as much as you can to improve your overall credit score. Just ensure you don’t have a higher debt amount. You can also make sure that you are paying your bills on time.

Consultation with a Counselor

Always discuss with a proper counselor in your area or get in touch with housing loan agents. They have the best experience and know the ins and outs of current rate for home loan.

The most accessible place to start is to look for counseling services. These can be provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s directory.

Best Mortgage Lenders

Now that you know some critical aspects about how to find and get a great lender, let's discuss the best loan establishments based on the current rate for home loan.

Bank of America

BoA has a 5-star review on Forbes Advisor and doesn’t charge a downpayment fee, while the current rate for home loan is well below the national average. If you are looking for a traditional banking style, then Bank of America is your choice.

If you want to become a part of this bank, you must have a minimum credit score of 740. At the moment, you can apply for support online in 51 states.

The only issue with their application is that the closing may take longer than you might expect. Plus, their interest is a bit higher than others on this list.

Rising Bank

The Rising Bank also has a 5-star rating on Forbes Advisor and is one of the best lenders if you want fast closing with a credit score of only 580.

You can apply online or via phone but also visit the branch if you feel like it, but be warned, they do have a $850 application fee. Plus, it would be best if you discussed your scenario with an agent to lock the current rate for home loan properly.


While BMO only requires a 1% downpayment amount, they only need a credit score of 580 to assess your application. So, if you are looking for a lender with no PMI requirement and little to no downpayment, BMO is for you.

One thing to note is that while you can fill out most of the application form online, some critical information requires you to complete it at the bank. Also, BMO doesn’t offer its customers USDA or VA loans, so be prepared.


A 4.5-starred bank on Forbes Advisor, Chase is the best bank if you are looking for secure closing timelines, and you are guaranteed that they will follow through. With a 0% minimum downpayment and one of the lowest credit scores of 620 required, you should check them out for exclusive grants.

A few of the grants are location-based, so check your local bank to see which grants you can apply for. Furthermore, the home mortgage option isn’t available in all states.

Citi Bank

Citi Bank is on our list because they have one of the best assistance programs for closing costs. They don’t have PMI requirements and can offer one of the best packages for the HomeRun mortgage scheme.

The only issue with this 4.5-starred bank on Forbes Advisor is that they are not as far spread across the states compared to other banks. Even though they do have an excellent financial assistance program for closing costs, you do need to make the closing when you are in the bank.

Final Comments

Financing a mortgage loan is a big deal for first-timers who are looking for flexible credit requirements to make things easier for them. So, it is understandable that you will try to find the best home loan lenders who will allow minimal downpayment. This way, you can start preparing to move to your new home and don’t have to worry about higher costs.

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