Interest Only Rate Calculator For Your Mortgage is Your Best Bet!

Nov 11, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Are you thinking about finally deciding to buy a new home? Then, you should definitely know and understand the different plans and interest mortgage rates.

In this article, we are going to discuss what interest-only mortgages are and how they benefit you. After that, we help you use interest only rate calculator mortgage. By using the calculator, you can get a monthly payment figure to make better decisions.

What is Interest Only Mortgage?

This interest-only plan for your mortgage asks you to pay only the amount incurred per month on the interest rate. This rate is against the principal amount for a certain period. You don’t pay any other amount during that period. Nothing is deductible from the principal amount during that period.

After this period is over, you start paying the agreed-upon installment amount plus the interest amount per month. This interest-only time period can be between 5-10 years. This time period gives you enough time to manage your expenses and make some savings. You can only get this facility if you are using the 30-year mortgage loan plan.

You can use an interest only rate calculator mortgage to understand how much amount per month you need to pay during the initial years. This takes in the interest rate, which is the most significant contributing factor.

Who Benefits Most From Interest-only Mortgages?

Several individuals and types of people may benefit from utilizing this mortgage loan plan after using interest only loan calculator. Here are a few of the most typical examples to clear the picture.

  • It is a good option for people who have variable incomes at the moment.
  • If you are short on cash or the cash flow isn't stable at present.
  • Most commission-based businesses and freelancers fall under this category.

Keep in mind that even if it sounds easy and good to get your hands on, it isn't that easy. Companies and banks have much more strict rules and checks for those who apply for interest-only loans. Before they need to calculate interest on interest only loan, they make many background checks. You need to have a higher income as a household and need to have a much higher equity and credit score than traditional loan approval.

How Does the Interest Only Rate Calculator Mortgage Work?

As explained earlier, the first thing you need to analyze is using an interest only rate calculator mortgage to understand how much the payments will be. Because the interest rate is fixed, you will know the total amount against the principal. Keep in mind that this interest-only payment is completely extra you are paying over the loan.

The amount that you pay this way is relatively low initially butt will increase substantially after interest only period is over. First, it becomes adjustable, and on top of that, you are also paying monthly installments. These will be higher now because you have less number of years to pay the total amount.

The problem here is that while you may not realize it, this amount can give you a substantial shock because now you have to manage your finances more. Therefore, agents always recommend paying some amount once in a while against the principal amount during this interest-only phase.

The silver lining here is that you can get the refinancing of your remaining amount to save you the trouble of paying higher monthly amounts. Furthermore, it gives you enough time to improve your finances and ultimately pay off the entire principal amount.

Pros and Cons of Interest Only Loan Calculator Amount


  • The monthly payment is meager compared to other financial loans, such as typical amortized loans.
  • If you report it correctly and itemize it, this payment can be included in the tax deductibles for up to 100% of the total amount. Don’t forget to calculate interest on interest only loan for tax reporting.
  • You can use this method to save more money on the side while building equity. Once the interest-only period is done, you can look for better rates through refinancing.
  • You can sell off the house after the interest-only period and make more money to pay off your debt quickly.


  • Even if the value of the house increases with time, you will not increase equity if you don’t think about paying any part of the principal amount.
  • Much higher monthly payments after the initial period.
  • Fluctuating real estate markets can cause you to lose more than what your house's worth is.

What Should You Do Before Applying For Interest Only Mortgage?

A few things we think will be crucial to understand before taking the dip on interest only mortgage plans.

Compare Other Types of Mortgages

Check and research different loan lenders and banks regarding their interest rates. Then, use an interest only rate calculator mortgage to see how much amount in the long run you need to pay. Now, chart out your future and see if it fits into your plan.

Can You Afford it?

You need to check your budget after using the interest only rate calculator mortgage because you must spend less than what you pay. You have to save on the side for a rainy day.

Improve the Household Credit Score

You will always get better deals if you enhance your credit score. This is especially helpful if you want to refinance your loans after the initial interest-only period is over.

Repayment Plan

While you can always save on the side, you should have a good plan to repay not just the interest-only payments but later on the monthly payments as well. Consulting with an expert is always a good option in this scenario.

Final Words

So, after reading the in-depth guide about why interest only rate calculator mortgage is essential, will you take an interest-only loan? It is always an excellent plan to get a good refinancing after the initial period.

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Interest Only Rate Calculator For Your Mortgage is Your Best Bet!
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