Is Tin Leg Travel Insurance Worth Your Money? A Detailed Review

Jan 26, 2024 By Triston Martin

Tin Leg Travel Insurance has become a popular option among travelers seeking comprehensive coverage for their trips. With a wide array of policies, it offers coverage for trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and baggage loss among other travel inconveniences. The question, however, remains: Is it worth your money? This review aims to delve into the details of Tin Leg's offerings, examining the pros and cons of their policies, assessing their claim response service, and comparing their plans with those of other competitors in the market. The goal is to provide a well-rounded picture of Tin Leg Travel Insurance, helping you make an informed decision about whether this insurance provider should be your go-to choice for protecting your travel investments.

Overview of Tin Leg Travel Insurance

Tin Leg was founded in 2014 and is a part of the Squaremouth family. The company prides itself on providing affordable, flexible, and customizable policies to suit every traveler's needs. With an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau), Tin Leg has established itself as a reliable travel insurance provider with a strong track record of fulfilling claims. Their policies are underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Analysis of Key Coverage Options

Tin Leg offers three main policy options: the Standard, Luxury, and Adventure plans. Each plan differs in coverage limits and costs, providing travelers with the option to choose what suits their budget and needs best. Here is a breakdown of key coverage options offered by Tin Leg:

Trip Cancellation Coverage

Tin Leg's Standard plan covers up to 100% of your trip cost in case you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen events such as illness, injury, or natural disasters. The Luxury and Adventure plans provide coverage for up to 150% of the trip cost, providing additional protection for expensive trips. However, it is important to note that pre-existing conditions are not covered under the Standard plan, and only a limited number of pre-existing conditions are covered under the Luxury and Adventure plans.

Medical Emergency Coverage

In case you become ill or injured during your trip, Tin Leg offers comprehensive medical emergency coverage. The Standard plan provides up to $50,000 in coverage while the Luxury and Adventure plans provide up to $100,000 and $250,000 respectively. This coverage includes emergency medical treatment, prescription medication coverage, and emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate hospital.

Baggage Loss/Delay Coverage

Tin Leg's policies provide coverage for baggage loss or delay during your trip. The Standard plan covers up to $750 in lost or delayed baggage while the Luxury and Adventure plans cover up to $2,500 and $3,000 respectively. This coverage also includes reimbursement for essential items such as clothes and toiletries in case of a baggage delay.

Pricing Comparison with Other Companies

When comparing Tin Leg's prices with other travel insurance providers in the market, it becomes evident that Tin Leg offers a competitive value proposition. For its Standard plan, the premium costs are on par with the industry average, making it an affordable choice for budget-conscious travelers. The Luxury and Adventure plans, while pricier, offer comprehensive coverage that justifies the cost, especially when compared to similar plans from other top-tier insurance providers.

For instance, a typical travel insurance plan from Allianz Global Assistance or Travelex costs approximately $100 for a week-long trip. Comparatively, Tin Leg's Standard Plan tends to be slightly less expensive, with premiums usually falling between $75 and $90 for similar trip durations and coverage amounts.

However, when it comes to higher coverage limits as offered by the Luxury and Adventure plans, Tin Leg's rates are noticeably competitive. For example, a policy with medical coverage of up to $250,000 and trip cancellation coverage of up to 150% from other providers often exceeds $200, whereas Tin Leg's Luxury and Adventure plans typically range between $150 and $180 for the same coverage.

User Experience and Customer Service

One of the most crucial aspects of travel insurance is a company's response to claims. Tin Leg has a reputation for providing efficient and responsive claims service, with many customers reporting positive experiences. Their online portal allows users to file claims quickly and easily, and their customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with any issues or concerns.

Furthermore, Tin Leg's policies are highly customizable, allowing travelers to add or remove coverage options as needed. This flexibility ensures that customers only pay for what they need, making their policies cost-effective and tailored to their specific trip requirements.

Is Tin Leg Travel Insurance Worth Your Money?

After a thorough analysis of Tin Leg's offerings, it is evident that they provide comprehensive coverage at competitive prices. Their strong track record of fulfilling claims and responsive customer service further solidify their position as a reliable travel insurance provider. With customizable policies and a range of coverage options to choose from, Tin Leg offers value for money for travelers looking for affordable and efficient travel insurance. Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal preferences and budget, but Tin Leg is certainly worth considering for your next trip.


Tin Leg Travel Insurance stands out as a reputable and trustworthy choice for protecting your travel investments. With affordable prices, customizable policies, and comprehensive coverage options, Tin Leg offers peace of mind for travelers looking to safeguard their trips against unforeseen events. Their stellar customer service and prompt claims response further add to their appeal as a top-tier travel insurance provider. Consider Tin Leg for your next trip and travel with confidence knowing that you are covered by one of the best in the industry. So, it is clear that Tin Leg provides an excellent value proposition for travelers seeking reliable and affordable travel insurance options. Whether you're planning a budget-friendly getaway or a luxurious adventure, Tin Leg has a policy to suit your needs and protect your investment.

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